new blog is up!!!

Change your links – she’s up and running for good.  This is my incorporated blog/website.  I am still chipping away at the website info, but it’s mostly all there.

individual videos






puppies @ one week old – videos!

puppy picnic

I uploaded 22 pictures to Facebook (Kate Roberson)) of the puppies outside today.  They are giant and getting gianter.


backlog: family

This was probably the day Valentine, Milo, Petra, Ender, and Claire were conceived.  😉

backlog: friends



(you know she’s my favorite)

Cherry Grenier

(she’s from the city)

The Nudge (18 years old) and Totally Remiss (21 years old)


Ella: “I don’t like me these big dogs.  They scares me.”

Billy Grenier



backlog: frog pond

 This was one of Ella’s many workout routines during her pregnancy.




backlog: mommy and me

This was taken right after I came out here in April, at Fair Hill where they do the jump races.  I’ve lost 20 lbs since this photo.  Still fat, but getting less fat.

backlog: the hunt

backlog: calendar girl