backlog: friends



(you know she’s my favorite)

Cherry Grenier

(she’s from the city)

The Nudge (18 years old) and Totally Remiss (21 years old)


Ella: “I don’t like me these big dogs.  They scares me.”

Billy Grenier




sea life (w/ blue puppies)

There has been a bit of a hubbub about a couple of my puppy toys, at least on the webcam chat side of things (i.e. “WTF is that gray thing???”).  Kim and Mark sent the babies these wonderful felted dog toys.  They are available though A Cheerful Pet, who provides a means of enrichment for orphans and underprivelaged women in Nepal.


The story of the “sea life” goes that, when Golem was about six months old, I looked around and realized that every toy he had, totally unintentionally, was from the ocean.  Sea horse, lobster, two or three octopi.  I never mentioned this to anyone.

When Kim and I started chatting via email (when she got her first Cardi, Guppy, whom I was smitten with) and then met for the first time when I picked up baby Blue from evals, she sent the new puppy a present.  A huge, blue, grunting PUFFER FISH.  It was then that I knew we were meant to be together.  😉

She has been sending me sea life every since.