new blog is up!!!

Change your links – she’s up and running for good.  This is my incorporated blog/website.  I am still chipping away at the website info, but it’s mostly all there.



I finally have a couple of hours to sit and blog, and about 10 posts in my head.  Lets see what I can get done.

three weeks

Ella is about three weeks along now. We had a bit of an issue with bleeding in the last week. The vet ruled out infection, but was unsure if it was a miscarriage or just some pregnancy-related bleeding – which I’m told bitches will sometimes get. It will be a few more days before I can ultrasound or palpate her to see if there are any critters in there. She still “feels” pregnant to me. She has started developing some mammary tissue, and her nipples are firmer, fuller, perkier, and a healthy shade of pink. Her activity level has gone back up to normal, but she remains more affectionate. She licks her bowl clean at breakfast and dinner.

I have a computer to work on here, but there is no wireless in the house, so I must make time to sit down with some wifi and post pictures from my computer. Long story short, I’m in Maryland now, with family (yes, I have YET MORE family left to take me in), looking for work, as my options had dried up where I was, and more exaggeratedly so in this economy. I have only applied to one place, and they wanted me to wait to apply elsewhere until they decided if they wanted me. I really like the restaurant, so I gave them a few days. Tomorrow I’ll apply to other places if I haven’t heard from them.

Dexter is with my mom (because he and GoGo don’t get along anymore), waiting for me to go back and get him and deliver him to his excellent new home. Bronte and GoGo are holding down the fort with my boyfriend, waiting until I get a place of my own set up here. Ella, of course, is with me, and is very pleased with herself that she is the one who didn’t get “voted off the island.” She loves her nice green yard, her kiddy pool, her clean air, her fancy cats, and her $3 a pound raw diet, which my step mother has a giant store of in the freezer. Her color has grown very bright and lustrous, whether that be because of the high-society food, or the pregnancy… we will know soon!


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I really wanted to be able to post about what is going on with me right now (good, not bad, but unexpected… as well as how my trip went, and other dog stuff), but I don’t have enough time and will have to push it back until I get where I’m going and get settled.

I believe that the Alabama venture was a success, and that Ella is pregnant, because she is acting very unlike herself in many ways, but she is only 10 days along or so, so it will be a bit yet.

More in a bit.  Wish me a safe trip!

just when you thought it was safe to take your snow tires off

Yesterday morning…


The same spot THIS MORNING…

Though I really didn’t have a choice in the matter, as far as the tires went.  On Sunday I got a flat on one side, and when we looked at the other tire we realized that the wall was bulging (and, indeed, looked like popcorn on the inside when we took it off).  I had planned on leaving them on until the state-mandated date in April when the law required they come off.  At the very least I was going to drive to Alabama on them, ’cause we killed one of my summer tires last year with fix-a-flat, so I was going to have to buy at least one new one.

When I got the tires changed the shop informed me that I had a bad wheel baring on the left front.  That was funny, I said, because I paid $300 just last month to have that replaced. We took it to my step-dad’s mechanic for a second opinion, he confirmed that was what it was, and I called the shop that had done the repair to redo it, gratis.  If my tires hadn’t gone, the wheel probably would have flown off on the way to Alabama. Funny how things work out.

The dogs last night, when the snow was two inches deep instead of six.


This morning.




I am slated to leave on Saturday, unless Ella is ready sooner. OMG OMG OMG it’s actually happening!!!

Let me say, again and again, that Heidi is the most wonderful stud dog owner.  I cannot believe how kind and accommodating she is being to me and to Ella. When I talked to Bonnie Money a few months ago (she had a litter by Rush out of her Minute) to ask how she liked her puppies, she said that not only did she love her puppies, that they were lovely and had absolutely outstanding temperaments, but that Heidi was a delight to work with – so nice, so involved with the puppies, just an all around great person.  So if you are thinking about using Rush, keep that in mind as a perk.

I know that Heidi really wants a nice blue girl to fill the hole in her family’s heart that losing Rush’s mother, Dixie, left, so put your good thoughts into wishing a pretty blue girlie into existance for her.  Oh, and while you’re at it, tack on a beautiful black for me.  I want a girl, but I’d take a boy in a pinch.  Just sayin’…


“I don’t want any more creepy potatos,” GoGo says.  “And they best not touch my perch.”

there ain’t no cure for the wintertime blues

I am so ready to be done with this season.

This has not been a good winter.  I have been stressed about money and work, sad not to be able to go to shows, worried about getting Ella bred, and disappointed that Dex has flunked out of beauty school.  We have had a couple of warm days, which is great since it means we can actually go outside without losing toes, but bad because it is now soggy and gray and not uplifting for a depressive.  I could use a little sunshine, some puppy breath, a new camera, a good job, and a brighter outlook.  Better times are a comin’, I just have to get there…

Ella almost has all her hair back.

Dexter:  “Neu…ter?  Sounds delicious.”

a whole lot of nothing

I am having a pretty uneventful stretch.  No dog shows, no drama.  The lack of drama is a good thing.  The lack of dog shows is not.  Ella is aggressively blowing coat, so she will be skipping the Buffalo and Erie shows this month, much to my disappointment.  We will be doing Meet the Breeds and the Therapy Dogs United booth at the Erie shows, however.

Dexter thought the ladies might like to see his Playgirl pose, and asked me to post for him.

snow at last – allegany state park, new york


…but not internet abled.  If you don’t hear from me for a big gap, don’t be alarmed.

and someday i will take pictures again…

My sister sold my Nikon D40 some months ago for heroine money (it is never dull around me), hence the dirth of pictures since then.  I have a borrowed point-and-shoot, but my heart isn’t in it.  As soon as I manage to scrape together that $500+ dollars to get a new digital SLR I will be back to picture-taking as usual.