the long-awaited story of the best dog name EVER

I’ve been wanted to type up and post this story for YEARS.  Finally, here it is – the best dog name ever.

From This American LifeEpisode #241 :  20 Acts in 60 Minutes

(Click the link above to listen – it’s about halfway through the episode.)

* * *

Ira Glass: Act 8 – The greatest dog name in the world.  Yes, we have he true story of it’s origin, years ago.  An exclusive, told by two brothers, one who’s twelve, one who’s thirteen.

Brother 1: I wanted to name him Pasta.  I used to like pasta a lot, and it was probably the first thing that came to my mind.  So out of nowhere I said “Pasta,” so he said “Batman.”

Brother 2: I wanted to name him “Batman” because I saw in a movie that a dog stuck his head out the window and his ears were like straight up and it reminded me of Batman.

Brother 1: And we fought over it for a little bit.

Brother 2: I just remember running around chasing each other.  I was jumping on my mom’s bed saying, like, “Batman! Batman!  Batman!”  and then my brother was sitting in the chair saying, like, “Pasta!  Pasta!  Pasta!” and that must have gone on for like an hour.

Brother 1: I think it was right about the time we had this big fight about gumballs, which I’m not going to get into, because it’s pretty embarrassing, but, uh… (embarassed laugh).  If there was just some little thing that we couldn’t agree on, then it just blew up into this whole big thing.

Brother 2: Yeah, I remember being pretty upset about it.  And then my mom comes in and says, “Alright.  That’s it.  It’s over.  It’s Pasta-Batman.  That’s it.”

Brother 1: And there was silence.  And from then on he was Pasta-Batman Lowitz.

(Audio of boys calling the dog)

Brother 1: Pasta. (Claps hands) Come on.  Pasta-Batman.

Brother 2: Pasta.  Here.  Pasta-Batman.

(Sound of tags jingling)

Brother 2: Yea!  Good doggie!

Ira Glass: Their names – Valian and Paris Lowitz, age twelve and thirteen.  They spoke with Katie Adon.

* * *

I guessed on the spelling of the names – forgive me.  😉


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